McLuhanacy: Counterrevolution in Cultural Theory

  title={McLuhanacy: Counterrevolution in Cultural Theory},
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Marshall McLuhan is considered by many “the most important thinker since Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and Pavlov.” McLuhan defines his own approach as “systems development,” that is, “a structural analysis…concerned with the inner dynamics of the form,” with “structure and configuration.” In fact, with the posited lawful closure of the system under the determinations of the dominant technological environment (and its relations with antecedent technologies), McLuhan's account is effectively… 

Legitimization of violent masculinities in self-representation of U.S army and (Islamic State) ISIS

  • A. Faraz
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2018
Violence and masculinity is a normalized discourse of human interaction despite it being disruptive and toxic for individuals and socio-political interactions. Around the world, violent actions,



and 'universalism,' discussed by Herbert Marcuse (Negations: Essays in Critical Theory, trans

  • Jeremy Shapiro
  • 1968

From the transcript of The Way It Is, broadcast over CBLT-TV

  • Mailer, McLuhan and Muggeridge: On Obscenity

Clichi to Archetype

    Implications of Literacy in Traditional China and India

    • Literacy in Traditional Societies
    • 1968

    Understanding Media, p. xi. 250. War and Peace


        Bukharin: Historical Materialism

        • The Question of Parliamentarianism and Other Essays
        • 1972

        two aspects of modern bourgeois ideology as political justification: 'modernization

        • 1968