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Mazzini e i rivoluzionari italiani : il "partito d'azione", 1830-1845

  title={Mazzini e i rivoluzionari italiani : il "partito d'azione", 1830-1845},
  author={Franco della Peruta},

The exiles of the Risorgimento: Italian volunteers in the Portuguese Civil War (1832–34)

Abstract Between 1832 and 1834 during the civil war against the partisans of absolutism in Portugal about a hundred Italians fought as volunteers in the Portuguese liberal army. These Italians were

Lives in exile: foreign political refugees in early independent Greece (1830–53)

  • C. Aliprantis
  • History, Political Science
    Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
  • 2019
This article discusses the stay in Greece of Italian and Polish political refugees of the 1830–1 and 1848–9 European revolutions. The article depicts the human geography of the refugees and examines

Carlo Bianco and Guerra per bande: an Italian approach to irregular warfare

Abstract Since the end of the Cold War, a huge debate over how war has been changing has emerged; a common feature is that modern conflicts are not state vs. state wars, but ‘irregular wars’. In

Historical Parallels, Ebola Virus Disease and Cholera: Understanding Community Distrust and Social Violence with Epidemics

By comparing these recent events to historical precedents during Cholera outbreaks in Europe in the 19th century, it is shown that these events have not been new to history or unique to Africa.

I piccoli cospiratori. Politica ed emozioni nei primi mazziniani

hero, an appellation he would henceforth never lose. The myth-making so necessary for the creation of a fascist culture found in Puccini and especially in his last opera a convenient site for such an

Sismondi, the republic and liberty: between Italy and England, the city and the nation

Abstract This article discusses the triangular relationship between the writings of Sismondi, the Risorgimento and British opinion. Sismondi provided the Italian national movement with a ‘usable

“We Cherished the Same Hostility to Every Form of Tyranny”: Transatlantic Parallels and Contacts between William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini, 1846–1872

Abstract This essay focuses on making connections and comparisons between American abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison and Italian democratic nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini. It is well known that

Visions of republicanism in the writings of Giuseppe Mazzini

Abstract Starting from vantage points that are both English and French, Mazzini connects the concepts of nationality and democracy: individuals are citizens to the extent that they belong to a free

Republicans and Socialists and the Origins of Italian Political Parties

A central debate in political science centres on the origins of political parties and specifically on the question as to whether they emerged as a result of the rise of parliamentary institutions.

Exile and Nationalism: The Case of the Risorgimento

Italian nationalism was essentially the product of exile, as most Risorgimento patriots lived and published their work abroad after successive failed revolutions. Exile was turned by political