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Maya Daykeeping: Three Calendars from Highland Guatemala

  title={Maya Daykeeping: Three Calendars from Highland Guatemala},
  author={John M. Weeks and Frauke Sachse and Christian Prager},

El sistema de correlaciones de los calendarios mayas clásico y k'iche'

Pocos problemas relacionados con el estudio de la cultura maya han ocasionado tanta confusión y discusión académica, y han demostrado ser tan persistentes en el último siglo, como el asunto de la


Abstract “Mesoamerican Cultural Astronomy and the Calendar” is a Special Section including articles that explore portions of Mesoamerica where astronomy and calendars were studied by Indigenous

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 2000{2009

accademiche [38]. Ada [45]. Adrian [45]. African [56]. Age [39, 49, 61]. Al [23]. Al-Rawi [23]. Aldous [68]. Alex [15]. Allure [46]. America [60, 66]. American [49, 69, 61, 52]. ancienne [25].

Back to the future for predicting the past : Cuchcabal-Batabil-Cuchteel and May ritual political structures across archaeological landscapes, in ethnohistoric texts, and through cosmological time

The northwestern Yucatan Peninsula area offers a unique staging ground to assess diverse kinds of preColumbian religious and political practices through time. Those geopolitical units briefly

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The diversity of our discipline continues to astonish. Call yourself an archaeologist, and you could do any of these things: wonder what mitigation is about while on a wet watching brief, contemplate

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Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas and his principles and practices of acquisition. Part 5, “Perspectives of Museum Collections,” discusses didactic issues of museum anthropology with regard


The seventeenth century

When the first women stepped onto a public English stage in the early seventeenth century the Puritan William Prynne complained, ‘they have now their female-players in Italy, and other foreign parts