May we engineer the climate?

  title={May we engineer the climate?},
  author={Daniel Bodansky},
  journal={Climatic Change},
  • D. Bodansky
  • Published 1 July 1996
  • Environmental Science
  • Climatic Change
Not only is the science of climate engineering uncertain; the legal issues are also highly uncertain. Although existing international law does not specifically limit the freedom of states to undertake climate engineering, the international community would likely demand a say should climate engineering move from the realm of speculation to concrete proposals. The experience of other environmental regimes, however, suggests that developing an international decision-making mechanism would be… 

The international legal framework for climate engineering

Several of the key, recurring questions which loom over climate engineering concern how countries would interact when some of them undertake or approve actions which might impact other countries.

Future Prospects for Climate Engineering within the EU Legal Order

  • F. Fleurke
  • Environmental Science
    European Journal of Risk Regulation
  • 2016
This article explores the prospects for the EU to develop a coherent policy regarding climate engineering (CE). To this end, we explore the most significant legal parameters derived from EU law from

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Decisions in the context of Climate Engineering (CE), the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s climate, are decisions made under uncertainty. CE options are associated with a broad

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The Royal Society has recently published a report on geoengineering - deliberately manipulating the climate. Their survey of the techniques and possibilities is useful and clear, and explores some of

Engineering aspects of climate change

Geoengineering Policy and Governance Issues

Geoengineering – the deliberate and technological manipulation of the climate system to forestall the worst effects of global warming (also referred to as climate engineering) – has recently emerged

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This article explores international governance issues related to a possible future use of geoengineering techniques. Despite the serious arguments against geoengineering, policy-makers may start to

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This paper outlines the research agenda of a multidisciplinary project “The Global Governance of Climate Engineering”, a topic which has garnered increasing public attention. The political science

The Incredible Economics of Geoengineering

The focus of climate policy so far has been on reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gases. That approach, however, requires broad international cooperation and, being expensive, has been hindered



International cooperation to combat acid rain

The combustion of some fossil fuels releases compounds into the atmosphere that are capable of travelling hundreds of miles. When they eventually land they an cause damage to crops,c ecosystems,