May Doctors Refuse Infertility Treatments to Gay Patients?

  title={May Doctors Refuse Infertility Treatments to Gay Patients?},
  author={Jacob M. Appel},
  journal={Hastings Center Report},
  pages={20 - 21}
  • J. Appel
  • Published 8 July 2006
  • Medicine, Political Science
  • Hastings Center Report
One of the most sacrosanct principles of medical practice in the United States is that physicians have a right to choose their own patients as long as the patient is not in a medical emergency. During the 1980s, a minority of health care professionals invoked this prerogative in refusing to treat AIDS patients. (1) More recently, doctors incensed over malpractice premiums have refused to care for lawyers and their family members. (2) However, this sort of physician autonomy is not without… 

Physician Refusal to Provide Information or Treatment on the Basis of Claims of Conscience

Although it may be difficult to characterize or validate claims of conscience, respecting the individual physician's moral integrity is important, and the health care system should make reasonable accommodations for physicians with conscientious objections.

Policy Statement—Physician Refusal to Provide Information or Treatment on the Basis of Claims of Conscience abstract

  • Medicine, Political Science
  • 2009
A physician’s conscientious objection to certain interventions or treatments may be constrained in some situations, and the health care system should make reasonable accommodations for physicians with conscientious objections.

Accessing Reproductive Technologies: Invisible Barriers, Indelible Harms

The central portion of the paper analyzes the harms from ART denials to four distinct cohorts - patients, providers, offspring, and society - suggesting possible solutions to address or forestall the offending conduct.

Freedom of Conscience in Ethical Decision Making *

The current United States administration wishes to weaken this freedom by reversing a recent ruling of the Department of Health and Human Services, which stipulated that institutions receiving federal funds must express their compliance with non-discrimination laws.

The Ethics of Exclusion in Infertility Care

The commentary argues for a stronger expression of commitment to non-discrimination in the treatment of patients in ongoing physician-patient relationships in the Code of Medical Ethics.

Doctors' moral beliefs and public policy

It is suggested that the conventional compromise — compulsory referral — is morally problematic, and the solution to this problem is to regard referral as ‘just another’ controversial medical practice.

Medical Marijuana: The Conflict Between Scientific Evidence and Political Ideology. Part Two of Two

  • P. J. Cohen
  • Medicine
    Journal of pain & palliative care pharmacotherapy
  • 2009
It is concluded that political advocacy is a poor substitute for dispassionate analysis and that neither popular votes nor congressional “findings” should be permitted to trump scientific evidence in deciding whether or not marijuana is an appropriate pharmaceutical agent to use in modern medical practice.


The results of the study reflect significant progress in the perceptions of the patient-provider relationship as compared to prior studies, and that open and supportive communication is the primary driver of satisfaction for lesbian-parent patients.

The Debt Financing of Parenthood

In this contribution to the symposium Show Me the Money: Making Markets in Forbidden Exchange, I explore an under-appreciated participant in the assisted reproduction and adoption industries:

The nature of incoming graduate social work students' attitudes toward sexual minorities

ABSTRACT Competent social work practice with sexual minorities requires educators to identify factors that can be addressed in the graduate social work curriculum to foster affirming attitudes among



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