The following individuals read and discussed the thesis submitted by student Marianne Hudson, and they also evaluated her presentation and response to questions during the final oral examination. They found that the student passed the final oral examination, and that the thesis was satisfactory for a master's degree and ready for any final modifications that they explicitly required. iv DEDICATION To My Daughter, Sofia Marie Hudson for always loving her mother unconditionally. v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is with sincere gratefulness that I acknowledge the following people. I could not have accomplished this very important goal without their support, guidance, and encouragement. To my wonderful committee members: My chair, Dr. Lisa Growette Bostaph, for introducing me to feminist theories from a criminological standpoint and putting up with my procrastination, yet knowing when to put her foot down. Also for all of the time she spent with me on this thesis. Also for her help and guidance in other areas of my life and for the many opportunities she has granted to me. Dr. Mary Stohr for her expertise in criminal justice and corrections, but most especially, for being my mentor and a " second mother " to me throughout the years. Dr. Virginia Husting for her expertise in feminism from a sociological standpoint. Dr. Andrew Giacomazzi for his unwavering faith and belief in my abilities as they unfolded and for the many opportunities he has given to me and still gives to this day. My parents, R. Dennis and Mary Helen Hudson, for believing in and supporting me throughout my lifetime. vi Dr. Bob Marsh for always supporting me and helping to provide me with opportunities and assistance when needed. Dr. Tony Walsh for his consistent questioning of the validity of my thesis topic. Dr. Craig Hemmens for unwittingly being the deciding factor for me choosing to go into criminal justice even before I started undergraduate studies. My siblings for always being there when I needed them and for being wonderful role models. The Grad Lab for being my second home for the majority of my master's career. Jonathan Bolen for all of the intellectual discussions he had with me over the years, his input into my topic, and his help with statistics. Nikki Gerhard for being a wonderful friend and for all of the all-nighters she endured with me in the Grad Lab. All of the numerous other graduate students who …

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