Maximum output power of broad-area laser diodes

  title={Maximum output power of broad-area laser diodes},
  author={Hans Joachim Wenzel and Paul Crump and Agnieszka Pietrzak and Christian Roder and R. Staske and Xuhua Wang and Gotz Erbert},
  journal={2009 9th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices},
The causes for the saturation of both the continuous-wave and the pulsed output power of broad-area laser diodes driven at very high currents are investigated experimentally and theoretically. The decrease of the gain due to self-heating under continuous-wave operation and spectral holeburning and carrier heating under pulsed operation as well as hetero-barrier carrier leakage and longitudinal spatial holeburning are the dominating mechanisms limiting the maximum achievable output power.