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Maximum Queue Length for Traffic Light with Bernoulli Arrivals

  title={Maximum Queue Length for Traffic Light with Bernoulli Arrivals},
  author={S. Finch},
  journal={arXiv: History and Overview},
  • S. Finch
  • Published 2018
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: History and Overview
Cars arrive at an intersection with a stoplight, which is either red or green. The cars all travel in the same direction, that is, we ignore cross-traffic & oncoming traffic. Assume that the intersection is initially empty. Assume that, at every second, there is a probability p that one new car will arrive at the light, and the outcome is independent of past & future. Let L>=1 be an integer. A red light lasts L seconds; likewise for green. If the light is red, no cars can leave the intersection… Expand
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