Maximizing the Thermo-Optic Tuning Range of Silicon Photonic Structures

  title={Maximizing the Thermo-Optic Tuning Range of Silicon Photonic Structures},
  author={Fuwan Gan and Tymon Barwicz and M. A. Popovic and M. S. Dahlem and C. W. Holzwarth and P. Rakich and H. I. Smith and E. P. Ippen and F. X. Kartner},
  journal={2007 Photonics in Switching},
We demonstrate 20 nm thermo-optic tuning in silicon microring resonators with 16 nm free spectral range (FSR), the largest reported full-FSR thermal tuning, with a tuning efficiency of 28 muW/GHz, enabling telecom microphotonic tunable filters. 
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