Maximizing Shelf Life of Paneer—A Review

  title={Maximizing Shelf Life of Paneer—A Review},
  author={S. Goyal and G. K. Goyal},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition},
  pages={1253 - 1261}
  • S. Goyal, G. K. Goyal
  • Published 2016
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Paneer resembling soft cheese is a well-known heat- and acid-coagulated milk product. It is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and has appeared in the western and Middle East markets. The shelf life of paneer is quite low and it loses freshness after two to three days when stored under refrigeration. Various preservation techniques, including chemical additives, packaging, thermal processing, and low-temperature storage, have been proposed by researchers for enhancing its shelf life. The… Expand
Effect of Different Freezing Methods on Drip, Texture, Microstructure in Fresh Cheese (Paneer)
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Potential of Gum Arabic Functionalized Iron Hydroxide Nanoparticles Embedded Cellulose Paper for Packaging of Paneer
Functionalized IHNPs showed a significantly (p < 0.05) higher zone of inhibition against S. aureus than that of E. coli and were found to be non-toxic to Caco-2 cells during cell viability assay, and time-kill kinetics showed that cellulose paper embedded with nanoparticles possessed excellent antibacterial activity. Expand


Quality and shelf-life of goat milk Paneer in refrigerated storage
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Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Storage on the Chemical Quality of Paneer
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Effect of frying, freezing and rehydration on texture profile of Paneer and relationships between its instrumental and sensory textural attributes
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Studies on dehydration and deep freezing of paneer
La conservation par sechage de ce produit laitier obtenu par coagulation acide presente un inconvenient lors de la rehydratation. La conservation par surgelation met en evidence un durcissementExpand
Preservation of Paneer by sorbic acid
Etude de l'effet de l'addition d'acide ascorbique sur la qualite microbiologique de ce produit laitier, a temperature ambiante et a 5 o C
Effect of indigenous antimicrobial factors on the shelf life of paneer
Physico-chemical aspects of indigenous dairy products.