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Maximizers of Rogers-Brascamp-Lieb-Luttinger functionals in higher dimensions

  title={Maximizers of Rogers-Brascamp-Lieb-Luttinger functionals in higher dimensions},
  author={Michael Christ and Kevin O’Neill},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Analysis and ODEs},
A symmetrization inequality of Rogers and of Brascamp-Lieb-Luttinger states that for a certain class of multilinear integral expressions, among tuples of sets of prescribed Lebesgue measures, tuples of balls centered at the origin are among the maximizers. Under natural hypotheses, we characterize all maximizing tuples for these inequalities for dimensions strictly greater than 1. We establish a sharpened form of the inequality. 

Rearrangement methods in the work of Elliott Lieb

. We review some topics in the theory of symmetric decreasing rearrangements with a particular focus on Lieb’s fundamental contributions. Topics cov-ered include the Brascamp–Lieb–Luttinger theorem,

Higher-rank pointwise discrepancy bounds and logarithm laws for generic lattices

. We prove a higher-rank analogue of a well-known result of W.M. Schmidt concerning almost ev- erywhere pointwise discrepancy bounds for lattices in Euclidean space (see Theorem 1 [Trans. Amer. Math.

Proof of spherical flocking based on quantitative rearrangement inequalities

  • R. FrankE. Lieb
  • Mathematics
  • 2021
Our recent work on the Burchard-Choksi-Topaloglu flocking problem showed that in the large mass regime the ground state density profile is the characteristic function of some set. Here we show that

Multilinear and Sharpened Inequalities by Kevin

Multilinear and Sharpened Inequalities by Kevin William O’Neill Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics University of California, Berkeley Professor Michael Christ, Chair Multilinear integral

Subsets of Euclidean Space with Nearly Maximal Gowers Norms

  • M. Christ
  • Mathematics
    Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series
  • 2019
A set E ⊂ ℝd whose indicator function 1E has maximal Gowers norm, among all sets of equal measure, is an ellipsoid up to Lebesgue null sets. If 1E has nearly maximal Gowers norm then E nearly



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An inequality of Brascamp-Lieb-Luttinger generalizes the Riesz-Sobolev inequality, stating that certain multilinear functionals, acting on nonnegative functions of one real variable with prescribed

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A pair of subsets of Euclidean space which nearly achieves equality in the Brunn-Minkowski inequality must nearly coincide with a pair of homothetic convex sets. The two-dimensional case was treated

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If a pair of subsets of two-dimensional Euclidean space nearly achieves equality in the Brunn-Minkowski inequality, in the sense that the measure of the associated sumset is nearly equal to the lower

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Abstract We provide a simple, general argument to obtain improvements of concentration-type inequalities starting from improvements of their corresponding isoperimetric-type inequalities. We apply

A sharpened Riesz-Sobolev inequality

The Riesz-Sobolev inequality provides an upper bound, in integral form, for the convolution of indicator functions of subsets of Euclidean space. We formulate and prove a sharper form of the

Stability for a GNS inequality and the Log-HLS inequality, with application to the critical mass Keller–Segel equation

Starting from the quantitative stability result of Bianchi and Egnell for the 2-Sobolev inequality, we deduce several dierent stability results for a Gagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev inequality in the

A general rearrangement inequality for multiple integrals

Abstract In this paper we prove a rearrangement inequality that generalizes inequalities given in the book by Hardy, Littlewood and Polya1 and by Luttinger and Friedberg.2 The inequality for an

Quantitative stability of the Brunn-Minkowski inequality for sets of equal volume

The authors prove a quantitative stability result for the Brunn-Minkowski inequality on sets of equal volume: If |A| = |B| > 0 and |A + B|1/n = (2+δ)|A|1/n for some small δ, then, up to a

Existence and Uniqueness of the Minimizing Solution of Choquard's Nonlinear Equation

The equation dealt with in this paper is in three dimensions. It comes from minimizing the functional which, in turn, comes from an approximation to the Hartree-Fock theory of a plasma. It describes