Maximal violation of Bell ’ s inequality for arbitrarily large spin

  title={Maximal violation of Bell ’ s inequality for arbitrarily large spin},
  author={Nicolas Gisin and Asher Peres}
Theviolationof Bell’s inequalityby quantumthewhosecorrelationsviolate Bell’s inequality [2] oryisthe mostradicaldepartureof quantumphysics I<ab>+<ab’>+<a’b>—<a’b’>I~2, (1) fromclassicalocal realism.Earlyproofsof violation [1,2] involved pairsof spin ~ particlesin a singlet where <ab> = <A ®B> ,,. state,or polarizationcomponentsof correlatedphotons,which havesimilaralgebraicproperties.These Proof Any w can be written as a Schmidt biproofs were later generalizedby Mermin et al. orthogonalsum [3—5… CONTINUE READING

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Thefact that particleswith arbitrarily largespin

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