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Maximal degree subposets of $\nu$-Tamari lattices

  title={Maximal degree subposets of \$\nu\$-Tamari lattices},
  author={Aram Dermenjian},
. In this paper, we study two different subposets of the ν -Tamari lattice: one in which all elements have maximal in-degree and one in which all elements have maximal out-degree. The maximal in-degree and maximal out-degree of a ν -Dyck path turns out to be the size of the maximal staircase shape path that fits weakly above ν . For m -Dyck paths of height n , we further show that the maximal out-degree poset is poset isomorphic to the ν -Tamari lattice of ( m − 1)-Dyck paths of height n , and… 

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