Maximal antiramsey graphs and the strong chromatic number

  title={Maximal antiramsey graphs and the strong chromatic number},
  author={Stefan A. Burr and Paul Erd{\"o}s and Ronald L. Graham and Vera T. S{\'o}s},
  journal={Journal of Graph Theory},
A typical problem arising in Ramsey graph theory is the following . For given graphs G and L, how few colors can be used to color the edges of G in order that no monochromatic subgraph isomorphic to L is formed? In this paper we investigate the opposite extreme . That is, we will require that in any subgraph of G isomorphic to L, all its edges have different colors. We call such a subgraph a totally multicolored copy of L . Of particular interest to us will be the determination of X s (n, e, L… CONTINUE READING

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