Maxillary-to-petrous internal carotid artery bypass: an anatomical feasibility study

  title={Maxillary-to-petrous internal carotid artery bypass: an anatomical feasibility study},
  author={Mustafa B{\"u}y{\"u}kmumcu and Mehmet Erkan {\"U}st{\"u}n and Muzaffer Şeker and Ahmet Kağan Karabulut and {\'Y}. {\'Y}. Uysal},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
The possibility for maxillary artery (MA) to petrous internal carotid artery (ICA) bypass was investigated. Five adult cadavers were dissected bilaterally. After zygomatic arch osteotomy, the coronoid process was sectioned at its base. An extensive infratemporal craniotomy was performed at the level of foramina ovale, rotundum and spinosum. The petrous portion of the ICA was exposed by drilling away the floor of the middle fossa, posterior to the foramen ovale and medial to the foramen spinosum… CONTINUE READING
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