Maxillary bone epithelial cyst in a dog.

  title={Maxillary bone epithelial cyst in a dog.},
  author={H J Featherstone and F Llabres Diaz},
  journal={The Journal of small animal practice},
  volume={44 12},
A swelling ventromedial to the left eye of a one-year-old, neutered male Labrador failed to respond to antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy. Plain and contrast radiography revealed a spherical, radiolucent area, 1.5 cm in diameter, dorsomedial to the fourth maxillary premolar and rostral to the ethmoid region. The lesion was thin-walled, with a smooth radiopaque margin, and was clearly demarcated from the surrounding structures. Dacryocystography demonstrated no apparent physical… CONTINUE READING
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