Mauritius 1938: the origins of a milestone in colonial trade union legislation

  title={Mauritius 1938: the origins of a milestone in colonial trade union legislation},
  author={Richard Croucher and John McIlroy},
  journal={Labor History},
  pages={223 - 239}
This article analyses the sociopolitical interactions that shaped an early colonial union statute that constituted a milestone because of its early passage, draconian nature and wider influence in the British Empire. We analyse the interactions between the Governor on the one hand and local and international actors on the other, to create the first trade union law in Mauritius. Colonial Office officials pressured the Governor to overcome local resistance to legislation, but this opposition and… 
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Since independence in 1968, Mauritius has proved to be a sustainable multiparty democracy characterised by the alternation of parties in government and ruling coalitions.
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