Maturation of ovarian follicles in the prepubertal gilt.

  title={Maturation of ovarian follicles in the prepubertal gilt.},
  author={Ronald K. Christenson and Jason J. Ford and Dale A. Redmer},
  journal={Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement},
The processes of follicle development and puberty are closely related, and both are associated with maturation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. Prenatal development of the ovary is independent of gonadotrophic stimulation. Beyond 60 days of age (postnatally), tertiary follicles develop and gonadotrophins begin to influence ovarian follicular development. Negative feedback regulation of pituitary gonadotrophins by ovarian secretions develops between 60 and 100 days of age. In the… CONTINUE READING
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