Maturation-dependent oligodendrocyte apoptosis caused by hyperoxia.

  title={Maturation-dependent oligodendrocyte apoptosis caused by hyperoxia.},
  author={Bettina Gerstner and Christoph Buehrer and Cornelia Rheinlaender and Oliver Polley and Alexandra W Sch{\"u}ller and Monika Berns and Michael Obladen and Ursula Felderhoff-M{\"u}ser},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience research},
  volume={84 2},
In the immature human brain, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) is the predominant white matter injury underlying the development of cerebral palsy. PVL has its peak incidence during a well-defined period in human brain development (23-32 weeks postconceptional age) characterized by extensive oligodendrocyte migration and maturation. We hypothesized that the dramatic rise of oxygen tissue tension associated with mammalian birth and additional oxygen exposure of the preterm infant during… CONTINUE READING
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