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Matthew Evangelista. The Chechen Wars. Will Russia Go the Way of the Soviet Union

  title={Matthew Evangelista. The Chechen Wars. Will Russia Go the Way of the Soviet Union},
  author={Thomas Gomart},
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Child Soldiers: Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front, and: Child Soldiers in the Age of Fractured States (review)
and re-inscribe gender stereotypes. The bar girls’ “victimization” is used both consciously and unconsciously by antitraffickers even (or perhaps especially) when the women do not behave like
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Putin may be more willing than imagined to buy into Tatarstan's bottom-up form of federalism, which emphasizes the culturally plural nature of the Russian Federation.
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Great many violent events happened during 1991–2005 in the 12 states that emerged after the collapse of the USSR but only a few civil wars are registered in the major datasets. That brings up a
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Even in today's globalizing world where many traditional barriers to communication seem to be disappearing, conflicts about territorial and ethnic borders continue to bedevil many regions of the
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In 1997-98 Thailand, Korea, and Indonesia were attacked by international financial interests convinced that the countries were not running their economies properly. The trio had borrowed heavily in
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Abstract The article discusses the emergence of a Russian version of the Bush doctrine in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Russian officials’ conceptual stretching of the strategic
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Islamisation of the Chechen Separatist Movement
THE CONFLICT IN CHECHNYA and its consequences are among the most serious challenges currently facing Russia-draining the country of valuable human and material resources, impeding democratic
Instrumentalizing Counterterrorism for Regime Consolidation in Putin's Russia
Since the late 1990s, Russia has been among the countries most painfully affected by terrorism and President Putin has shown little doubt and even much enthusiasm in joining the U.S.-led "war"
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Russians seem content with the current quasi-democratic, quasi-autocratic order.