Matrixial Trans-subjectivity

  title={Matrixial Trans-subjectivity},
  author={Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger},
  journal={Theory, Culture \& Society},
  pages={218 - 222}
  • B. Ettinger
  • Published 1 May 2006
  • Psychology
  • Theory, Culture & Society
Psychoanalytic theory has struggled to overcome the limitations imposed on the understanding of the formation of subjectivity because of the reliance on the Freudian theory of the unconscious which privileges the phallus as signifier of the dynamic between lack and desire, and which supports the model of repression based on the castration complex and its male perspective. In the relational intersubjective perspective, after Klein, Winnicott and Kohut many contemporary psychoanalysts with… 
Cosmic Imaginations of the Intra-Uterine
Since the 1970s, theories by feminist psychoanalysts trained in the Lacanian school have highlighted the repression of the maternal in Western societies, deemed necessary to enter the symbolic realm
Working Clinically With the Skin’s Surface: Tattoos, Scars, and Gendered Embodiment
ABSTRACT Saturated with cultural, relational, and intrapsychic meanings, the phenomenon of body modification has been both undertheorized and pathologized in psychoanalytic writing. This lack of
Feminism , ' Weird ' Essentialism and the 156 Current 1 Amodali ' Bodies have all the explanatory power of minds '
The Thelemic Goddess Babalon is regarded by many magical practitioners within the present-day occult milieu as a revolutionary manifestation of an embodied, erotic, aspect of the divine feminine.
From gendered organizations to compassionate borderspaces: Reading corporeal ethics with Bracha Ettinger
In this article, we propose a new way of approaching the topic of ethics for management and organization theory. We build on recent developments within critical organization studies that focus on the
Movement, Embrace: Adriana Cavarero with Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger (and the Death Drive)
Abstract An experience of helplessness during the production of a collective autobiographical narrative offers an opportunity to explore points of convergence between Adriana Cavarero's postural
On the Dialectics of Charisma in Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present
While ‘charisma’ can be found in dramatic and theatrical parlance, the term enjoys only minimal critical attention in theatre and performance studies, with scholarly work on presence and actor
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This article traces a conversation around how to theorise and approach the inclusion of experiences, concepts and bodies situated in the ‘invisible middle’ of decoloniality. If coloniality is an
The Maternal Postmodern: Commentary on Rozmarin's “Maternal Silence”
In this discussion, I reflect on how Rozmarin's (this issue) experience as a mother leads her to reject the binaried formulation of maternal subjectivity as casualty of being-for-an-other in favor of
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In this article, itself a process of holding ideas together, I explore the way that what Metcalfe and Ferguson (2001) refer to as ‘holding structures’ within art can be said to resonate with
What Can Psychoanalysis Offer Organization Studies Today? Taking Stock of Current Developments and Thinking about Future Directions
The introductory paper to the Special Issue discusses psychoanalytic contributions to the study of contemporary organizations. The aim is to draw attention to psychoanalysis as a critical theory with


Thinking the Feminine
Bracha Ettinger (formerly known as Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger) is an Israeli-born Paris-based artist, analyst and feminist theorist who has produced over the last decade a major theoretical
Metramorphic Borderlinks and Matrixial Borderspace
The notions of Matrix and Metramorphosis emerged in my artistic work.2 Gradual clarification of these ideas in the field of psychoanalysis has led me to develop the concepts as follows: matrix I
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