Matrix valued Hermite polynomials, Burchnall formulas and non-abelian Toda lattice

  title={Matrix valued Hermite polynomials, Burchnall formulas and non-abelian Toda lattice},
  author={Mourad E. H. Ismail and Erik Koelink and Pablo Rom{\'a}n},
  journal={Adv. Appl. Math.},

Matrix Orthogonal Polynomials, non-abelian Toda lattice and B\"acklund transformation

Abstract. A connection between matrix orthogonal polynomials and non-abelian integrable lattices is investigated in this paper. The normalization factors of matrix orthogonal polynomials expressed by

Duality and difference operators for matrix valued discrete polynomials on the nonnegative integers

In this paper we introduce a notion of duality for matrix valued orthogonal polynomials with respect to a measure supported on the nonnegative integers. We show that the dual families are closely

Matrix Valued Laguerre Polynomials

Matrix valued Laguerre polynomials are introduced via a matrix weight function involving several degrees of freedom using the matrix nature. Under suitable conditions on the parameters the matrix

Matrix-Valued hypergeometric Appell-Type polynomials

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the role of special matrix polynomials of a real or complex variable in mathematical physics, especially in boundary value problems. In this article,

Matrix orthogonality in the plane versus scalar orthogonality in a Riemann surface

  • C. Charlier
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Transactions of Mathematics and Its Applications
  • 2021
It is shown that the Christoffel–Darboux (CD) kernel, which is built in terms of matrix orthogonal polynomials, is equivalent to a scalar valued reproducing kernel of meromorphic functions in a Riemann surface.

Ladder relations for a class of matrix valued orthogonal polynomials

Using the theory introduced by Casper and Yakimov, we investigate the structure of algebras of differential and difference operators acting on matrix valued orthogonal polynomials (MVOPs) on R , and

Computation of Fourier transform representations involving the generalized Bessel matrix polynomials

  • M. Abdalla
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Difference Equations
  • 2021
Motivated by the recent studies and developments of the integral transforms with various special matrix functions, including the matrix orthogonal polynomials as kernels, in this article we derive

Recursion and Hamiltonian operators for integrable nonabelian difference equations

In this paper, we carry out the algebraic study of integrable differential-difference equations whose field variables take values in an associative (but not commutative) algebra. We adapt the

On Fourier–Bessel matrix transforms and applications

The Fourier–Bessel transform is an integral transform and is also known as the Hankel transform. This transform is a very important tool in solving many problems in mathematical sciences, physics,

Orthogonal functions related to Lax pairs in Lie algebras

We study a Lax pair in a $2$-parameter Lie algebra in various representations. The overlap coefficients of the eigenfunctions of $L$ and the standard basis are given in terms of orthogonal



Matrix-Valued Gegenbauer-Type Polynomials

We introduce matrix-valued weight functions of arbitrary size, which are analogues of the weight function for the Gegenbauer or ultraspherical polynomials for the parameter $$\nu >0$$ν>0. The

Generalized Burchnall-Type Identities for Orthogonal Polynomials and Expansions

Burchnall's method to invert the Feldheim-Watson linearization formula for the Hermite polynomials is extended to all polynomial families in the Askey-scheme and its $q$-analogue. The resulting

Matrix-valued Orthogonal Polynomials Related to (SU(2)$ \times$ SU(2), diag), II

In a previous paper we have introduced matrix-valued analogues of the Chebyshev polynomials by studying matrix-valued spherical functions on SU(2)\times SU(2). In particular the matrix-size of the

Orthogonal matrix polynomials satisfying second-order differential equations

We develop a general method that allows us to introduce families of orthogonal matrix polynomials of size N × N satisfying second-order differential equations. The presence of this extra property

Matrix valued orthogonal polynomials for Gelfand pairs of rank one

In this paper we study matrix valued orthogonal polynomials of one variable associated with a compact connected Gelfand pair (G,K) of rank one, as a generalization of earlier work by Koornwinder and

Properties of matrix orthogonal polynomials via their Riemann-Hilbert characterization

We give a Riemann{Hilbert approach to the theory of matrix orthogonal poly- nomials. We will focus on the algebraic aspects of the problem, obtaining difference and differential relations satisfied

Matrix Valued Orthogonal Polynomials related to (SU(2) x SU(2),diag)

The matrix-valued spherical functions for the pair (K x K, K), K=SU(2), are studied. By restriction to the subgroup A the matrix-valued spherical functions are diagonal. For suitable set of

Deformation of matrix-valued orthogonal polynomials related to Gelfand pairs

In this paper we present a method to obtain deformations of families of matrix-valued orthogonal polynomials that are associated to the representation theory of compact Gelfand pairs. These