Matrix of Power: Tantra, Kingship, and Sacrifice in the Worship of Mother Goddess Kāmākhyā

  title={Matrix of Power: Tantra, Kingship, and Sacrifice in the Worship of Mother Goddess Kāmākhyā},
  author={Hugh B. Urban},
  journal={South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies},
  pages={500 - 534}
  • H. Urban
  • Published 1 December 2008
  • Art
  • South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Because the Goddess has come to the great mountain N ılak ut _ a to have sexual enjoyment with me [Śiva], she is called K am akhy a, who resides there in secret. Because she gives love, is a loving woman, is the embodiment of love, is the beloved, she restores the limbs of K ama and also destroys the limbs of K ama, she is calledK am akhy a. Now hear of the great glory of K am akhy a, who, as primordial nature, sets the entire world in motion. K alik a Pur an _ a (KP 62.1–3). 

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Strangely, there is little mention of K am akhy a during the Assamese P ala dynasty

    The Holy Shrine of Kamakhya (Guwahati: The Author, 1999)

      The Holy Shrine of Kamakhya

        Biernacki also uses Butler to discuss women in Tantra