Matrix method for persistence modules on commutative ladders of finite type

  title={Matrix method for persistence modules on commutative ladders of finite type},
  author={Hideto Asashiba and Emerson G. Escolar and Yasuaki Hiraoka and Hiroshi Takeuchi},
  journal={Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics},
The theory of persistence modules on the commutative ladders $$CL_n(\tau )$$CLn(τ) provides an extension of persistent homology. However, an efficient algorithm to compute the generalized persistence diagrams is still lacking. In this work, we view a persistence module M on $$CL_n(\tau )$$CLn(τ) as a morphism between zigzag modules, which can be expressed in a block matrix form. For the representation finite case ($$n\le 4$$n≤4), we provide an algorithm that uses certain permissible row and… 
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Unzerlegbare Darstellungen I
LetK be the structure got by forgetting the composition law of morphisms in a given category. A linear representation ofK is given by a map V associating with any morphism ϕ: a→e ofK a linear vector