Matrix metalloproteinase-14 (MT1-MMP)-mediated endoglin shedding inhibits tumor angiogenesis.

  title={Matrix metalloproteinase-14 (MT1-MMP)-mediated endoglin shedding inhibits tumor angiogenesis.},
  author={Lukas J. A. C. Hawinkels and Patricia Kuiper and Eliza Wiercinska and Hein W. Verspaget and Zhen Liu and Evangelia Pardali and Cornelis Fm Sier and Peter Ten Dijke},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={70 10},
Endoglin is a transforming growth factor-beta coreceptor with a crucial role in angiogenesis. A soluble form of endoglin is present in the circulation, but the role of soluble endoglin (sEndoglin) is poorly understood. In addition, the endoglin shedding mechanism is not known. Therefore, we examined the role of sEndoglin in tumor angiogenesis and the mechanism by which the extracellular domain of endoglin is released from the membrane.In colorectal cancer specimens, we observed high endothelial… CONTINUE READING