Matrix Metalloproteinases and Cellular Fibrinolytic Activity

  title={Matrix Metalloproteinases and Cellular Fibrinolytic Activity},
  author={Henri Roger Lijnen},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
Several molecular interactions between the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) and the plasminogen/plasmin (fibrinolytic) system may affect cellular fibrinolysis. MMP-3 (stromelysin-1) specifically hydrolyzes urokinase (u-PA), yielding a 17 kD NH2-terminal fragment containing the functionally intact receptor (u-PAR)-binding sequence and a 32 kD COOH-terminal fragment containing the intact serine proteinase domain. MMP-3 generates an angiostatin like fragment (containing kringles 1-4 with the… CONTINUE READING
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