Matrix Elasticity Directs Stem Cell Lineage Specification

  title={Matrix Elasticity Directs Stem Cell Lineage Specification},
  author={A. Engler and S. Sen and H. Sweeney and D. Discher},
  • A. Engler, S. Sen, +1 author D. Discher
  • Published 2006
  • Chemistry, Medicine, Biology
  • Cell
  • Microenvironments appear important in stem cell lineage specification but can be difficult to adequately characterize or control with soft tissues. [...] Key Result During the initial week in culture, reprogramming of these lineages is possible with addition of soluble induction factors, but after several weeks in culture, the cells commit to the lineage specified by matrix elasticity, consistent with the elasticity-insensitive commitment of differentiated cell types.Expand Abstract
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