Matricellular hevin regulates decorin production and collagen assembly.

  title={Matricellular hevin regulates decorin production and collagen assembly.},
  author={Millicent M Sullivan and Thomas H Barker and Sarah E Funk and Ari Karchin and Neung S Seo and Magnus H{\"o}{\"o}k and Joan E. Sanders and Barry Starcher and Thomas N Wight and Pauli Antero Puolakkainen and Elizabeth Sage},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={281 37},
Matricellular proteins such as SPARC, thrombospondin 1 and 2, and tenascin C and X subserve important functions in extracellular matrix synthesis and cellular adhesion to extracellular matrix. By virtue of its reported interaction with collagen I and deadhesive activity on cells, we hypothesized that hevin, a member of the SPARC gene family, regulates dermal extracellular matrix and collagen fibril formation. We present evidence for an altered collagen matrix and levels of the proteoglycan… CONTINUE READING