Mathisson's helical motions for a spinning particle: Are they unphysical?

  title={Mathisson's helical motions for a spinning particle: Are they unphysical?},
  author={L. Filipe O. Costa and Carlos A. R. Herdeiro and Jos'e Nat'ario and Miguel Zilh{\~a}o},
  journal={Physical Review D},
It has been asserted in the literature that Mathisson's helical motions are unphysical, with the argument that their radius can be arbitrarily large. We revisit Mathisson's helical motions of a free spinning particle, and observe that such statement is unfounded. Their radius is finite and confined to the disk of centroids. We argue that the helical motions are perfectly valid and physically equivalent descriptions of the motion of a spinning body, the difference between them being the choice… Expand

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