Mathematics of CLIFFORD-A Maple Package for Clifford and Graßmann Algebras

  title={Mathematics of CLIFFORD-A Maple Package for Clifford and Gra\ssmann Algebras},
  author={Bertfried Fauser},
CLIFFORD performs various computations in Graßmann and Clifford algebras. It can compute with quaternions, octonions, and matrices with entries in C`(B) the Clifford algebra of a vector space V endowed with an arbitrary bilinear form B. Two user-selectable algorithms for Clifford product are implemented: cmulNUM based on Chevalley’s recursive formula, and cmulRS based on non-recursive Rota-Stein sausage. Graßmann and Clifford bases can be used. Properties of reversion in undotted and dotted… CONTINUE READING

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