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Mathematics for theoretical physics

  title={Mathematics for theoretical physics},
  author={Jean Claude Dutailly},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
This book intends to give the main definitions and theorems in mathematics which could be useful for workers in theoretical physics. It gives an extensive and precise coverage of the subjects which are addressed, in a consistent and intelligible manner.The first part addresses the Foundations (mathematical logic, set theory, categories), the second Algebra (algebraic strucutes, groups, vector spaces tensors, matrices, Clifford algebra). The third Analysis (general topology, measure theory… 


Lane Categories for the working mathematician
  • 1969
SO (C, p, q) is a semi simple, complex Lie group, thus its universal covering group is a group of matrices which can be identified with Spin(C, n)
    Neeb An introduction to unitary representations of Lie groups Internet Paper
      Partial differential equations 3 volumes
      • 1999
      K=C : Pin(C, p, q) ≃ P in(C, p + q) Spin(C, p, q) ≃ Spin(C, p + q) Spin(C, n) is connected
        Preparation for gauge theories arXiv:math-ph
        • 1999