Mathematics as metaphor : selected essays of Yuri I. Manin

  title={Mathematics as metaphor : selected essays of Yuri I. Manin},
  author={I︠u︡. I. Manin and Freeman J. Dyson},
Mathematical knowledge: Internal, social, and cultural aspects Part I. Mathematics as metaphor: Mathematics as metaphor Truth, rigour, and common sense Georg Cantor and his heritage Godel's theorem Introduction to the book Computable and uncomputable Mathematics as profession and vocation Part II. Mathematics and physics: Mathematics and physics Interrelations between mathematics and physics Reflections on arithmetical physics Part III. Language, consciousness, book reviews: The mythological… 
Metaphors at the Crossing of Mathematics and the Literary Arts
As one of the prime vehicles for creative expression in the literary arts, metaphors are frequently discussed in the fields of literary studies and linguistics. Although less talked about,
Expert Mathematicians' Approach to Understanding Definitions
In this article I report on a study of the cognitive tools that research mathematicians employ when developing deep understandings of abstract mathematical definitions. I arrived at several
Language in Science Education – a Psycholinguistic Approach
  • Linguistics, Computer Science
  • 2011
Analysis of the data is approached by psycholinguistics: language is considered the primary carrier of human thought and consciousness, and self-referentiality pops up again on an abstract level.
Mathematical picture language program
It is reevaluate ways that one can use pictures, not only to gain mathematical insights, but also to prove mathematical theorems, and emphasizes a bidirectional process between picture language and mathematical concepts: abstraction and simulation.
Time and Periodicity from Ptolemy to Schrödinger: Paradigm Shifts vs Continuity in History of Mathematics
  • Y. Manin
  • Philosophy
    Geometry in History
  • 2019
The history of mathematical theory of time and periodicity is focused on, from Ptolemy's epicycles to Schroedinger's quantum amplitudes interference and contemporary cosmological models.
The Quantum Frontier
This work describes aspects of quantum mechanics that are at the heart of a quantum view of information processing, and gives its own idiosyncratic view of a number of these topics in the hopes of correcting common misconceptions and highlighting aspects that are often overlooked.
Geometry in the walnut grove: an applied mathematical approach to art
A land art project exploring the landscape and geometry of a beautiful grove of walnut trees gives a setting to consider a perceptualist framework for creativity, bringing in mathematical abstraction
Towards the Notion of an Abstract Quantum Automaton
The main goal of this paper is to give a rigorous mathematical description of systems for processing quantum information by substituting the deterministic evolutionary mechanism for a stochastic evolutionary mechanism.
From Ans\"atze to Z-gates: a NASA View of Quantum Computing
Early application thrusts related to robustness of communication networks and the simulation of many-body systems for material science and chemistry are added to the QuAIL research agenda.
Towards a Nano Geometry? Geometry and Dynamics on Nano Scale
The specifics of geometry and dynamics on the mesoscale of cell physiology are elaborated - in contrast to the familiar Newtonian mechanics and the more recent, but by now also rather well established quantum field theories.