Mathematical publication on the Web


• pub-lish \'peb-lish\ vb [ME publishen, modif, of MF publier, fr. L publicare, fr. publicus public] vt (14c) la: to make generally known ib: to make public announcement of 2a: to place before the public: DISSEMINATE 2b: to produce or release for publication; specif: PRINT 2c: to issue the work of (an author) vi 1: to put out an edition 2: to have one's work accepted for publication <a publishing scholar> syn see DECLARE

DOI: 10.1145/294833.294836

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@article{Borwein1998MathematicalPO, title={Mathematical publication on the Web}, author={Jonathan M. Borwein}, journal={ACM SIGSAM Bulletin}, year={1998}, volume={32}, pages={4-7} }