Mathematical modelling of flow in disc friction LVAD pump

  title={Mathematical modelling of flow in disc friction LVAD pump},
  author={Alexander E. Medvedev and Vasiliy M. Fomin and Yu. M. Prikhod’ko and Alexander Cherniavskiy and V. P. Fomichev and A. V. Fomichev and V. P. Chekhov and T. M. Ruzmatov},
  • Alexander E. Medvedev, Vasiliy M. Fomin, +5 authors T. M. Ruzmatov
  • Published 2017
  • Engineering
  • The need for blood circulation support systems in the treatment of chronic heart failure is constantly increasing as 20% of patients on the waiting list die every year. Despite the great need for mechanical heart support systems the use of available systems is limited by the high cost. Therefore, further research in the field of circulatory support systems is appropriate taking into account medical and technical requirements. One of the new research areas is viscous friction disk pumps for… CONTINUE READING

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