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Mathematical modeling of mass transport in complex media

  title={Mathematical modeling of mass transport in complex media},
  author={S. Fomin and V. Chugunov and 重直 円山 and 俊之 橋田},
1 Fundamentals of the Mathematical Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Complex Media(Elements of the Field Theory and Basic Balance Equations.;Fundamentals of Mass Transport Modeling in Porous Media) 2 Mathematical Models of the Specific Problems of Mass Transport in Fractured Porous Media and Their Solutions.(Mathematical Modeling of the Anomalous Diffusion;The Effect of Non‐Fickian Diffusion into Surrounding Rocks on Contaminant Transport in a Fractured Porous Aquifer;Non‐Fickian Diffusion of Contaminant from Fracture into Porous Rock Matrix with Bordering Alteration Zone) Appendix 
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Effect of adsorption, radioactive decay and fractal structure of matrix on solute transport in fracture
  • V. Chugunov, S. Fomin
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
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Mathematical modeling of non-Fickian mass transport in fractured porous media
Fractional diffusion modeling of heat transfer in porous and fractured media
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