Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Combination Lock Systems


In this study, mathematical modelling of the mechanical combination lock systems and special kinds of lock mechanisms has been carried out. Formation of the codes in these systems are based on the consecutive rotation motions. The basic structures allowing the motions in the systems are the lever and the round plaque mechanisms. The letter and the numbers on the plaque mechanisms are effective in the envisioning of the code. The basic information concerning with the rotation motion was received from [2] and the according to this information, the code matrix was completed. Movement conditions in the linear, quadratic, cubic and exponential functions of the code matrix whose general research was completed, show difference. Combination lock mechanisms in this study have been studied in kinematic point of view rather than the probability calculations. Many different designs of the combination lock systems formed by consecutive rotation motions can be created in mathematical logic frame and by creating different codes. Mathematics Subject Classification: 70B15

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