Mathematical Modeling of Oncogenesis Control in Mature T-Cell Populations

  title={Mathematical Modeling of Oncogenesis Control in Mature T-Cell Populations},
  author={Sebastian Gerdes and Sebastian Newrzela and Ingmar Glauche and Dorothee von Laer and Martin-Leo Hansmann and Ingo Roeder},
  booktitle={Front. Immunol.},
T-cell receptor (TCR) polyclonal mature T cells are surprisingly resistant to oncogenic transformation after retroviral insertion of T-cell oncogenes. In a mouse model, it has been shown that mature T-cell lymphoma/leukemia (MTCLL) is not induced upon transplantation of mature, TCR polyclonal wild-type (WT) T cells, transduced with gammaretroviral vectors encoding potent T-cell oncogenes, into RAG1-deficient recipients. However, further studies demonstrated that quasi-monoclonal T cells treated… CONTINUE READING