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Mathematical Model of Attraction and Repulsion Forces

  title={Mathematical Model of Attraction and Repulsion Forces},
  author={Alexei N. Krouglov},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
  • A. Krouglov
  • Published 9 December 1999
  • Physics
  • arXiv: General Physics
Here I introduce the model in an attempt to describe the underlying reasons of attraction and repulsion forces between two physical bodies. Both electrical and gravitational forces are considered. Results are based on the technique developed in the Dual Time-Space Model of Wave Propagation. 

Mathematical Model of Gravitational and Electrostatic Forces

Author presents mathematical model for acting-on-a-distance attractive and repulsive forces based on propagation of energy waves that produces Newton expression for gravitational and Coulomb

Explanation of Faraday's Experiment by the Time-Space Model of Wave Propagation

It is shown by the means of Time-Space Model of Wave Propagation the underlying phenomena of the alternating current's origin in famous Faraday's experiment.



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The principle of relativity Relativistic mechanics Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic waves The propagation of light The field of moving charges Radiation of electromagnetic waves Particle in a

Dual Time-Space Model of Wave Propagation

Here to represent the propagation of waves I attempted to describe them separately in space and time domains. The time and space wave equations are obtained and investigated, and formulas for the