Mathematical Foundation of Computer Arithmetic

  title={Mathematical Foundation of Computer Arithmetic},
  author={Ulrich W. Kulisch},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Computers},
  • U. Kulisch
  • Published 1 July 1977
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
During recent years a number of papers concerning a mathematical foundation of computer arithmetic have been written. Some of these papers are still unpublished. The papers consider the spaces which occur in numerical computations on computers depending on a properly defined computer arithmetic. The following treatment gives a summary of the main ideas of these papers. Many of the proofs had to be sketched or completely omitted. In such cases the full information can be found in the references. 

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A Survey of Some Recent Contributions to Computer Arithmetic

  • H. Garner
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1976
This paper surveys some recent contributions to computer arithmetic. The survey includes floating-point arithmetic, nonstandard number systems, and the generation of elementary functions. The design

Category-theoretic models of algebraic computer systems

A category-based approach to modeling such systems that provides a theoretical basis for mapping tasks to these systems’ architecture is proposed and it is proved that this reflector takes the modulo ring whose operations are implemented in the conventional arithmetic processors to the Łukasiewicz logic matrix.

Error analysis of linear recursions in floating point

  • E. Verriest
  • Mathematics
    ICASSP '85. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • 1985
A stochastic error model for floating point arithmetic is developed and used to study the effects of finite wordlength on linear recursive formulas. Optimal realizations exist, but they are highly


Gunumuzde fen ve muhendislik alanindaki problemler sayisal olarak bilgisayarlarda cozulmektedir. Problemin cozumunde kullanilan klasik matematiksel yontemler, bilgisayarda her zaman istenilen cozumu



Rounding Invariant Structures.

Abstract : The report is the first one of a series of three papers which are intended to given an axiomatic approach to those spaces in which numerical computations are usually done. The first part

An axiomatic approach to rounded computations

The present paper is intended to give an axiomatic approach to rounded computations. A rounding is defined as a monotone mapping of an ordered set into a subset, which in general is called a lower

Roundings in floating point arithmetic

  • J. Yohe
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
  • 1972
In this paper, algorithms for the four binary arithmetic operations and for rounding are presented, together with proofs of their correctness; appropriate formulas for a priori error analysis of these algorithms are presented.

Floating-Point Computation of Functions with Maximum Accuracy

Algorithms are given that compute multiple sums and products and arbitrary roots of floating-point numbers with maximum accuracy, The summation algorithm can be applied to compute scalar products,

On the Concept of a Screen.

It is shown that the concept of a screen is equivalent to the idea of a certain sublattice and using this relation further necessary and sufficient conditons for a screen can be derived from lattice theory.

The Art of Computer Programming

The arrangement of this invention provides a strong vibration free hold-down mechanism while avoiding a large pressure drop to the flow of coolant fluid.

Rounding control and the algorithmic language ALGOL 68

In an aircraft having a pair of engines mounted forwardly of the wing and discharging jet exhaust over the wing for augmented lift, a trailing edge flap is positioned directly behind each of the engines to generate vortices in the jet exhaust that travels over the upper surfaces of the flaps.

Realisierung einer Maschinen-Intervallarithmetik mit beliebigen Algol-60-Compilern / Realization of machine-interval-arithmetics with given algol-6o-compilers

  • H. Christ
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Elektron. Rechenanlagen
  • 1968
Durch maschinenorientierte Operatoren wird eine Maschinenintervallarithmetik beschrieben und gezeigt, daß bereits ein Teil dieser operatoren zur Realisierung der Intervallarechnung erzeugen, die ein bestimmtes Rundungsverhalten aufweist.

Realisierung einer Maschinenintervallarithmetik auf beliebigen ALGOL-60 Compilern

  • Elektronische Rechenanlagen, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 217-222,1968.
  • 1968