Mathematical Explanation in Science

  title={Mathematical Explanation in Science},
  author={A. Baker},
  journal={The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science},
  pages={611 - 633}
  • A. Baker
  • Published 2009
  • Philosophy
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Does mathematics ever play an explanatory role in science? If so then this opens the way for scientific realists to argue for the existence of mathematical entities using inference to the best explanation. Elsewhere I have argued, using a case study involving the prime-numbered life cycles of periodical cicadas, that there are examples of indispensable mathematical explanations of purely physical phenomena. In this paper I respond to objections to this claim that have been made by various… Expand
Mathematical Explanations Of Empirical Facts, And Mathematical Realism
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The aim of this thesis is to find a way to undermine the indispensability argument for mathematical platonism by rejecting the first reading and arguing that a second reading, which involves an instance of IBE, is the most plausible. Expand
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Outlines of a theory of structural explanations
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Indispensability and Explanation
  • S. Bangu
  • Sociology
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 2013
The question as to whether there are mathematical explanations of physical phenomena has recently received a great deal of attention in the literature. The answer is potentially relevant for theExpand
Scientific Realism and the Indispensability Argument for Mathematical Realism: A Marriage Made in Hell
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Mathematical Explanation by Law
  • Sam Baron
  • Mathematics
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 2019
Call an explanation in which a non-mathematical fact is explained—in part or in whole—by mathematical facts: an extra-mathematical explanation. Such explanations have attracted a great deal ofExpand
Evidence, explanation and enhanced indispensability
The genuineness of mathematical explanations of scientific facts turns out to be dependent on pragmatic constraints and therefore cannot be plugged in EIA and used to establish existential claims about mathematical objects. Expand
Importance and Explanatory Relevance: The Case of Mathematical Explanations
A way to argue that something (e.g. mathematics, idealizations, moral properties, etc.) plays an explanatory role in science is by linking explanatory relevance with importance in the context of anExpand


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Inference to the best explanation and mathematical realism
  • S. Bangu
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • Synthese
  • 2006
It is shown that this example of a genuine mathematical explanation of a physical phenomenon, and the argument built upon it, begs the question against the mathematical nominalist. Expand
Weaseling away the indispensability argument
According to the indispensability argument, the fact that we quantify over numbers, sets and functions in our best scientific theories gives us reason for believing that such objects exist. I examineExpand
Response to Colyvan
In 'Weaseling Away the Indispensability Argument' (Melia 2000) I argued that although quantification over mathematical objects may indeed be indispensable to our scientific theories, it is not alwaysExpand
We defend Joseph Melia's thesis that the role of mathematics in scientific theory is to ‘index’ quantities, and that even if mathematics is indispensable to scientific explanations of concreteExpand
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The view that possible worlds should be identified with linguistic entities has a long and respectable history: Carnap (1947), Jeffrey (1965) and Hintikka (1969) are but a few philosophers who haveExpand