Maternal total homocysteine concentration and neonatal size in India.

  title={Maternal total homocysteine concentration and neonatal size in India.},
  author={Chittaranjan Yajnik and Swapna S Deshpande and Anjali V Panchanadikar and Sadanand S. Naik and Jyoti A Deshpande and Kurus J. Coyaji and Caroline Fall and Helga Refsum},
  journal={Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={14 2},
The smallness of Indian babies is ascribed to small maternal size and their chronic under nutrition. Micronutrient nutrition of the mother may be particularly important. We investigated the relationship between maternal circulating concentrations of total homocysteine (tHcy), vitamin B12 and folate and offspring size at birth. Mothers of full term small for gestation age babies (SGA, gestation and sex specific birth weight <10th centile, N = 30) and mothers of appropriate for gestational age… CONTINUE READING