Maternal organism and embryo biosensoring: insights from ruminants.

  title={Maternal organism and embryo biosensoring: insights from ruminants.},
  author={O. Sandra and Fabienne Constant and Anais Vitorino Carvalho and Caroline Eoz{\'e}nou and Damien Valour and Vincent Mauffr{\'e} and Isabelle Hue and Gilles Charpigny},
  journal={Journal of reproductive immunology},
In terms of contribution to pregnancy, the mother not only produces gametes, but also hosts gestation, whose progression in the uterus is conditioned by early events during implantation. In ruminants, this period is associated with elongation of the extra-embryonic tissues, gastrulation of the embryonic disk and cross-talk with the endometrium. Recent data… CONTINUE READING