Maternal footprints of Southeast Asians in North India.

  title={Maternal footprints of Southeast Asians in North India.},
  author={K Thangaraj and Gyaneshwer Chaubey and Toomas Kivisild and Deepa Selvi Rani and Vijay K Singh and Thanseem Ismail and Denise Carvalho-Silva and Mait Metspalu and Lakkakula V K S Bhaskar and Alla Govardhan Reddy and Sarat Chandra and Veena Pande and B Prathap Naidu and Niharika Adarsh and Abhilasha Verma and Inaganti Amara Jyothi and Chandana Basu Mallick and Nidhi Shrivastava and Ragala Devasena and B. Padma Kumari and Amit Kumar Singh and Shailendra Kumar Dhar Dwivedi and Shefali Singh and G S Aditya Rao and Pranav Gupta and Vartika Sonvane and Kavita Kumari and Afsar Basha and Koppala Bhargavi and Albert Lalremruata and Arvind Kumar Gupta and Gurukamal Kaur and K K Reddy and Alahari Papa Rao and Richard Villems and Chris Tyler-Smith and Lalji Singh},
  journal={Human heredity},
  volume={66 1},
We have analyzed 7,137 samples from 125 different caste, tribal and religious groups of India and 99 samples from three populations of Nepal for the length variation in the COII/tRNA(Lys) region of mtDNA. Samples showing length variation were subjected to detailed phylogenetic analysis based on HVS-I and informative coding region sequence variation. The overall frequencies of the 9-bp deletion and insertion variants in South Asia were 1.9 and 0.6%, respectively. We have also defined a novel… CONTINUE READING


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