Maternal compared with infant vitamin D supplementation.

  title={Maternal compared with infant vitamin D supplementation.},
  author={M. Ala-Houhala and Tuula Koskinen and A Terho and T. A. Koivula and Jarmo K Visakorpi},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={61 12},
Vitamin D metabolites were studied in mother-infant pairs at delivery and eight and 15 weeks after that to evaluate the possibility of vitamin D supplementation of infant through the mother. Healthy mothers (n = 49) delivering in January received daily either 2000 IU (group 1), 1000 IU (group 2), or no (group 3) vitamin D. Their infants were exclusively breast fed, and those in group 3 received 400 IU of vitamin D a day. After eight weeks of lactation the infantile vitamin D concentrations were… CONTINUE READING

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