Maternal cerebral hemodynamics in the supine hypotensive syndrome.

  title={Maternal cerebral hemodynamics in the supine hypotensive syndrome.},
  author={Tomoaki Ikeda and H Ohbuchi and Tsuyomu Ikenoue and Nobuyuki Mori},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={79 1},
Cerebral hemodynamics were studied in eight nonpregnant women and 24 women in late pregnancy by internal carotid artery velocimetry with a 3.5-MHz continuous-wave Doppler system. Criteria for supine hypotensive syndrome were a mean blood pressure decrease of 15 mmHg and a 2-minute sustained increase in pulse of 20 beats per minute under postural change from the left lateral to supine position. Nonpregnant and normal pregnant controls not meeting these two criteria displayed decreases of 22.9… CONTINUE READING