Materials science: Silicon carbide in contention

  title={Materials science: Silicon carbide in contention},
  author={Roland Madar},
  • R. Madar
  • Published 26 August 2004
  • Materials Science
  • Nature
Silicon carbide is a highly desirable material for high-power electronic devices — more desirable even than silicon. And now the problem of producing large, pure wafers of the carbide could be solved. 
Commercialization of group III nitrides-on-silicon technologies
Thesis: M. Eng., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 2010
Study of Silicon Carbide Ceramics
The TRISO fuel that is intended to be used for the generation IV nuclear reactor design consists of a fuel kernel of Uranium Oxide (UOx) coated in several layers of materials with different
Single-Crystalline 3C-SiC anodically Bonded onto Glass: An Excellent Platform for High-Temperature Electronics and Bioapplications.
Taking advantage of the superior electrical properties and biocompatibility of SiC, the developed SiC-on-glass platform offers unprecedented potentials for high-temperature electronics as well as bioapplications.
Synthesis of nanostructured silicon carbide at ultralow temperature using self-assembled polymer micelles as a precursor
Nanostructured SiC ceramics exhibit unusual and superior properties compared to their microstructured counterparts, thus hold promise for widespread applications. We report a novel technique for
An Unexpected Role of H During SiC Corrosion in Water
During aqueous corrosion, atoms in the solid react chemically with oxygen, leading either to the formation of an oxide film or to the dissolution of the host material. Commonly, the first step in c...
Silicon carbide: an advanced platform for next generation quantum devices
Optical and paramagnetic deep defects in silicon carbide (SiC) offer a vast opportunity to realize advanced quantum device and sensors based on SiC bulk material and SiC nanostructures.
Dependency of the structure of a water layer sandwiched by silicon carbide on shear speed and temperature
Using molecular dynamics based on Lennard-Jones field, the structure of a water film contained within two silicon carbide walls was analyzed, and it was found that layers of water appear and change depending on the distance between the two walls.
Preparation of MgO-SiC-C Powder via in situ Reaction
This paper focuses on synthesis technology for an MgO-SiC-C powder using light burnt magnesia, silicon and carbon as main raw materials. Effects of technological parameters such as sintering


Ultrahigh-quality silicon carbide single crystals
A method, inspired by the dislocation structure of SiC grown perpendicular to the c-axis (a-face growth), to reduce the number of dislocations in SiC single crystals by two to three orders of magnitude, rendering them virtually dislocation-free.