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  • Published 1998 in Advanced materials


n on en ion of a pinated precur or film at an ele ated temper, iur u ing Hel a .atalyst. A pol vinylpl n I layer . pin-coa ted onto the poly thien len vinylcne) . is u .ed a. gate dielectri c and a insulation for the second laycr of interconne t , created in a top polyaniline layer u: ing a .econd mask, Vertical interconnects (via ' . which are needed to link transi non in 10 j .ircuits. are made by punching hole rhrouah vcrlapping contact pads defined in th rr III and top electrod la ers. Further inforrnati n can be obtained rom: Dr. ariann in ken. Philip . Re. ear h Laboratorie . Pr f. H I. tlaan 4. -56-6 Eindhoven. Th therlands , Fa.' : (+3 1 40 _7 44 9 7: e-m, il: incken@natlab. re car h.phil ips. am.

DOI: 10.1002/adma.840100602

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