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Materials for a Taxonomic Revision of Geostachys (Baker) Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia

  title={Materials for a Taxonomic Revision of Geostachys (Baker) Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia},
  author={Kah Hoo Lau and K Mat-salleh and Chang-Kun Lim},
Materials for a taxonomic revision of the Geostachys (Baker) Ridl. in Peninsular Malaysia, resulting from recent fieldwork are presented, with notes on the threat assessment of extant species. Twelve of the 13 previously known species were studied in situ, and two newly described species have also been found (Geostachys belumensis C.K. Lim & K.H. Lau and G. erectifrons K.H. Lau, C.K. Lim & K. Mat-Salleh), bringing the current total to 15 taxa, all highland species, found in hill, sub-montane… 
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This African-Madagascan lineage is sister to the rest of the family with African, Asian and South American members, showing that Aulotandra does not belong in the tribe Alpinieae, where it has been traditionally placed, but in the subfamily Sphonochiloideae with the genus Siphonochilus.
Perrier , Bull . Soc . Bot . France 86 : 181 . 1939 . Type : Perrier de la Bâthie 1021 ( P ) . 6 a . Aulotandra trigonocarpa H . Perrier var . trigonocarpa
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