Material for refining the general use steel.

  title={Material for refining the general use steel.},
  author={Anatoly Yakovlevich Nakonechny and Alexandr Zaitsev and Manat Zhaksybergeno Tolymbekov and Jury Fedorovich Vyatkin and Vasily Serafimovich Kolpakov},
The material proposed for the refining of general-purpose steel contains the following constituents in the following proportions by mass%: from 30 to 40 aluminum, silicon from 35 to 25, 5 to 15 calcium, magnesium 7-5, carbon 20 10, iron up to 100%. The invention may be applied, in particular, to refining of steel during the alloying process by restoring the alloying element from an oxide material, for example during the refining a general purpose steel manganese in a pocket.