Material-aware differential mesh deformation using sketching interface


In this paper, we present a material-aware mesh deformation method using a sketching interface. Guided by user-specified material properties, our method can deform the surface mesh in a non-uniform way, while previous deformation techniques are mainly designed for uniform materials. The non-uniform deformation is achieved by material-dependent gradient field manipulation and Poisson-based reconstruction. Compared with previous material-oblivious deformation techniques, our method supplies better control of the deformation process and can generate more realistic results. We propose a novel detail representation that transforms geometric details between successive surface levels as a combination of dihedral angles and barycentric coordinates. This detail representation is similarity-invariant and fully compatible with material properties. Based on these two methods, we implement a multi-resolution deformation tool, allowing the user to edit a mesh inside a hierarchy in a material-aware manner. We demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of our methods by several examples with real-world data.

DOI: 10.1007/s00371-007-0187-7

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